Our company started as a small business in Bled, Slovenia, in 1964. Our working machinery at the time consisted of three plastic processing machines with which we created finished products to the largest industrial giants of the time, such as: Elan, Jugobanka, Eta, Podravka, the Beograd tobacco company and others. Due to high quality of our products, our precision and reliability, our company continued to grow and expand, adopting new techniques and technologies and growing our machine park.

With the growing workload and client demands, we decided to establish our own toolmaking department for designing plastic molding tools. This was the first step on our path to in-house product development while reducing our dependence on other plastic molding machine manufacturers. Among other products, we are proud to have developed the following fair and solicitation products: the Rubik’s cube, electrical sewing scissors, hand-held scissors, solid steel fences, various types of money boxes, children’s toys, children’s chairs etc..

With the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1990, the company began to explore new business opportunities. We started to search for new business partners in foreign markets, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy where there was a need for plastic products and plastic molding tools. Our company was extremely successful in acquiring new business partners which led us to obtain new manufacturing and office space in the industrial Zone in Lesce, where we still have our headquarters.