We provide specific product development projects and model new products for our partners as well as our own needs. Our entire development process is based on various solution-focused methods using analyses and 3D-modelling to provide the final design of the end product, ready to be presented to the client.


Quality technology is the foundation for successful tool engineering, which is why we take extra care of using only state-of-the-art technology in our tool engineering processes. Quality computer hardware, modern software and highly qualified personnel is the cornerstone of our engineering department.
Our workstations are equipped with Mastercam software packages. Various software packages give us great flexibility in importing and exporting different intermediate formats, such as:

  • PARASOLID (*.x_t, *.x_b, *.xmt_bin, *.xmt_bm)
  • IGES (*.igs, *.iges)
  • STEP (*.step, *.stp)
  • DXF (*.dxf)
  • DWG (*.dwg)


We use Mastercam and Qapt software packages for programming CNC machines.

Our company provides the following services and processes:

  • drilling
  • surface grinding
  • turning
  • 2D milling
  • 3D milling
  • EDM services
  • Wire EDM services
  • technical measurements
  • hole punching


    5-axe milling
  • 650 X 520 X 475 (DMU50 milling machine, 3rd generation, 20.000 spins)
    3D milling
  • 1000 X 650 X 600 (MICROCUT milling machine)
  • 300 X 300 X 300 (Exeron HSC milling machine, 42.000 spins)
    2.5D milling
    Manufacturing cooper and graphite electrodes
  • 700 X 550 X 500
    Wire EDM
  • 600 X 400 X 350
    Grinding: phaze machine

Thanks to our injection molding production, we offer custom injection molding services, which means we use our toolmaking machinery to create a custom sample product. We operate with state-of-the-art CNC machinery, supported by the CAD/CAM system.

Our company offers custom tool engineering, where we bring your ideas for products to life.

Toolmaking is the foundation of a wide variety of industries

Today’s rapid development of industries and various toolmaking technologies has led to a surge in the toolmaking branch. Today, toolmaking has become indispensable in almost all industries – automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, industries involved in the manufacture of plastic and metal products, and many others.

It is used for the mass production of all kinds of products. Diverse tools enable mass production of products using injection molding and die-casting of non-ferrous metals with lower costs and in less time. Tool can therefore now be called the industry of the future, enabling innovative solutions that modify the whole industry sector and bring it to an entirely new level.


Toolmaking is one of the key strategic industries in the Slovenian economy, since without the appropriate industrial tools it is impossible to effectively produce small, medium and large series products. Toolmaking has long been the main business activity for our company as well, particularly the production of plastic casting tools. The specificity of the industry requires that all tools are custom designed according to the client’s wishes and developed using state-of-the-art programs. Furthermore, all our tools are also machined on the latest CNC machines, supported by the latest software.

Toolmaking is used in a number of activities and processes with the most important being the development and further modeling of new products. The whole process is based on a number of methods that result in appropriate solutions according to the product type, followed by various analyses and 3D modeling that leads the process to the final product and its presentation to the client.


Toolmaking services

We take particular care and pay attention to the costruction of the tools as we believe that is one of the key elements to successful toolmaking. However, using quality computer equipment, modern software and, of course, properly trained staff is a key part of quality construction.

In toolmaking, different software packages are used according to the product type. Mastercam software packages are flexible because they allow importing and exporting different intermediate formats, such as parasolid, iges, step, and others. For programming CNC machines, Mastercam and Qapt software packages are used for computer-aided production, as they are known for their simple and intuitive user interface and wide software support. This enables us to carry out a wide variety of services and processes such as drilling, turning, surface grinding as well as 2D and 3D milling. Toolmaking also enables providing EDM and wire EDM services, measurements and boring services.

Milling is also an important part of our toolmaking services. According to the needs and requirements of the client, 5-axe milling as well as 3D and 2.5D milling are offered. Using our toolmaking services, we are also able to produce copper and graphite electrodes, EDM and wire EDM services, grinding with a sanding phase machine and turning.

Toolmaking is the key to successful manufacturing

Without toolmaking, manufacture is more or less impossible as it is a crucial development part of many innovative industrial products and an essential element for the mass production of a particular product. The key to our success is working with our clients right up to handing over the new tool to the client, making sure they are completely satisfied. Carefully thought out manufacturing technology and comprehensive design guarantee the quality of our tools and devices.

Toolmaking is characterized by intense activity, which requires a lot of innovation and professional work. Successful toolmaking requires many skills, including mastering a wide range of technologies, managing information systems and computer software, supervising development and quality, as this is the only way to create top-notch products that will serve the client well.